Electric waxknife S2-01

The device is designed for heating and automatic temperature control of two waxknifes.
This device is used to produce caps and casts from any type of wax..
  • Digital display
  • Programmable preset temperature of waxknifes
  • High accuracy of temperature control
  • Turbo mode by the sensor ( for waxknife 2 ) with programmable sensivity level
Main technical data
Supply voltage 150 - 250 V , 50 Hz
Nominal power of waxknife (under 220V supply voltage), W 9,5
Range of temperature control of the waxknife, °С 50 - 250
Waxknife temperature steady-state control error, °С ±1
Outline dimensions, mm (max), width, height, length 75, 85, 145
Weight(max), kg 220,50