Sintering furnace for annealing zirconium SP-01

Designed for laboratories with milling systems.
Individual furnaces programming for any recommended sintering curves from almost all zirconium producers is provided.
  • The furnace operates on 30 independent (free programming) programs, where you can program from 1 to 9 temperature sections (stages)
  • Each section programms: heating/cooling rate, temperature and temperature exposure time
  •  High-quality heating elements made of molybdenum disilicide
  • The furnace space is lined with the first class durable fibrous non-carcinogenic material that is designed for the temperatures of up to 1900 °C
  •  High-precision platinum type S thermocouple
  • Precise temperature control throughout the program range
  • Stainless steel structural sheet body
Basic technical specifications
Maximum operating temperature, °С 1650
Number of programs 30
Heating rate, °С/min. from 0,1 to 60
Operating chamber dimensions, Height, Width, Depth, mm 100, 70, 100
Furnace overall dimensions, height, Width, De*pth 610, 290, 470
Power supply, V; Hz 220, 50
Power consumption, VA 1200